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Yahtra Network Economy and Mutual-Credit Currency System

posted Jul 01, 2011 16:30:42 by Melchishua
A functional currency and exchange system is the most fundamental aspect of Nation building.

I have been developing a network economy blog at
It is new and do not have many members yet. Create your profile for me.

Use can also register for a totally free Hebrew Yisraelite Trade Exchange Account within the YNE Blog or directly at

Please visit my Mutual-Credit Classroom at to learn what it is and how you can use it.

A major benefit is that Yahtra Dollars (Y$) can be exchanged as a foreign currency on existing Hebrew Yisraelite e-commerce sites with multi-currency processing abilities.

Yahtra MoneyCard is an enhanced financial transaction network with complementary currency, private-label credit card, cash-equivalent lines of credit, and merchant processing.

YC, essentially, it is a launch pad. A virtual business incubator that provides budding business people with an easy transition from inactivity to self-employment. During informal entrepreneurship learning, entrepreneurs at each skill level (from rookie to A to AA to AAA to the majors) would have a multitude of casual venues to meet and discuss ideas and deals and maximize social capital.

Yahtra Network Economy Cloud-Computing Platform

YC is developing the Yahtra Network Economy Cloud. The YCC will be a network economy cloud-computing platform for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, hour-time dollars and volunteer hour manager, mutual-credit payroll card manager, microfinance window, yahtra currency, marketplace, demurrage collection, and services).

Cloud Platform Features:
•Robust Municipal Demurrage-Currency System
•Business, Employment, Volunteer Time Management Platform
•Community Exchange System Platform
•Barter Exchange Banking Platform
•Closed-Loop Demurrage-Currency Marketplace
•Closed-Loop Merchant Processing Platform
•Multi-Currency Microfinance Window
•Plus Social Networking Features

Additional Information:

Yisraelite Network Economy

Yahtra Currency and Payment System

EcoMoneyCard Classroom: Introduction to Social Network Economies & Community Currency Systems

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Bayadwa said Jul 08, 2011 14:20:59
Thanks for this wonderful information. Its a good idea. We hope to hear more about in a conference call soon.
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